The three artists featured on this page were the 2018 BAG grant winners.


Ellis' project is titled ‘Islands on the edge’ and will be an exploration into the landscape in the remote area of the Western Isles of Scotland, producing a new series of paintings and work in progress artist books charting a journey through the wild lands of the Outer Hebrides to convey their unique and geological importance. It will be a large body of new work connected to the place but also to the wider issues of land and climate change.The grant will be used for materials and travelling to and from the smaller Islands in the Outer Hebrides.

Paul Bloomer woodcut.jpg

Paul plans to create a series of around 80 etchings of similar ambition and scope to Goya’s Capriccios fusing image with text.
He is interested in exploring the tensions, fault lines and connections that exist between seemingly opposing forces in a world that is held in a state of perpetual antitheses. The dynamics of war and peace, nature and culture, dark and light, present and eternity, physical and spiritual, life and death are wrestled with. His work portrays the dichotomy of humanity’s destructive co-existence with the world of nature.



Corrie is a recent graduate who will use the grant to support a residency at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop.
Her aim is to educate herself about materials like bronze, clay, wood, metal and their associated power relations and evolution through time in order to explore how to gain more control over narratives created within her work.  She is particularly keen to work with bronze in the foundry and to work in ceramics - a process she has never worked with before.
Corrie is also looking to experiment with creating short term outdoor installations