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Artist Painting a Mural

2020 BAG

We are very pleased to confirm that the 2020 BAG grants have now been awarded and you can find details of the 6 artists on this page: 2020 Grant Winners

The COVID-19 challenges were so substantial that this summer we even considered delaying the whole Grant award process until 2021. 

However we were very committed to supporting the many artists who are continuing to work on projects and develop their careers, despite the difficulties, so we decided to proceed with the Grants in 2020.

We received over 70 applications and particularly want to thank all those artists who applied - we only wish that we had the resources to support you all, and it was tough to make the choices.

This 2020 cycle completes the three-year Balavoulin Art Grant process and has used our final funds - all in very good causes.

We close the cycle with strong thanks to all the donors who made this possible, and with our very best wishes for all future success to all the artists who applied.

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When Shirleyanne Cumberlege launched the Balavoulin Art Group (BAG) in Evanton, Ross-shire in 1990 she hoped to create a space for discussion of the arts, with a particular focus on modern European painting, drawing and sculpture, and above all appreciation for art in the Highlands of Scotland. 

Following her death in June 2017, many of her friends and her family contributed funds to create the BAG Art Grant, conceived as a series of awards to support the work and ambitions of early-career artists in the Highlands.

The intention is to make the awards each summer over three years, 2018-2020, with a call for applications in the spring of each year.  The applications will be submitted online through this website (see submission page) and reviewed by a jury.  Short-listed applicants may then be asked to provide additional details.  The plan is to distribute each year's awards by the end of June.

More details can be found in the FAQ section of this website.

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